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Gallery & Exhibitions:

• A list for the 2019 Rotating Exhibitions are listed at the bottom of the Home page.

General Business:

President: Gloria Dietz-Kiebron
Vice President: Robin Wilson
Secretary: Danielle Bain
Treasurer: We welcome Lecil Babano
We thank Kathryn Christensen for the time she has spent as Membership Officer and due to family and work responsibilities is unable to continue so Mary Jane Turk has offered to take on that position.

• Gloria will continue with the Newsletter until early next year when Viga Mistal takes on the position of Editor. Viga an ex-member and children’s art classes tutor will be renewing her membership with us and is more than able to take on the responsibility. It was great to catch up with her at our Christmas Party and for her to say hello to older members and new members to meet her.

• Karen Munster would like to use member’s images for advertising on Facebook and also now on Instagram our page.
-yuraraartgalleryand– …. if you don’t want your name, artwork and price advertised for publicity then please contact her.

• Our Librarian Georgie Usher is working on the books and has a lot of sorting out to do with new ones coming in so please don’t take any to borrow that aren’t on the shelves. The cost of mag-azines per week is also 20cts

After the committee met with other groups in the Pinklands Robin Wilson has suggested having a defibrillator to keep up with WPHS requirements.

The portraiture group recommences on January 7 at 9am.
The Plein air group resumes on 17 January.
The Printmaking group resumes on 30 January.


John Spencer’s fortnightly classes begin on January 13.

Robin Wilson’s -  Composition & Perspective Workshop.

Additional information go to Workshops

Plein Air Group

For details on the Outdoor Sketching & Painting Group go to Members News

Gallery Hire Fees

NON MEMBERS $100 hire fee plus $40 per day (weekends and Fri) MEMBERS $20 a day. Please note there is a 10% commission on all sales taken.

2019 Members List of Rotating Exhibitions - Cost for one or two paintings: $5 Total

JANUARY 28  Collect “Holiday Collection”, deliver paintings - theme “Reflections” to Feb 18.
FEBRUARY 22  Printmaking Exhibition: Opening Friday 22 Feb to 3 March.
MARCH 4   Deliver paintings - Autumn Exhibition - theme: “Native Birds” to 31 March.
APRIL 1  Collect “Native Birds”, deliver paintings - theme: “Landscapes with Water” to 28 April.
APRIL 29  Collect “Landscapes with Water”, deliver paintings - theme: “Still Life” to 26 May.
MAY 27  Collect “Still Life”, deliver paintings - theme: “Fire” to 16 June.
JUNE 17  Collect “Fire”, deliver paintings - theme: “Shades of Grey” to 7 July.
JULY 12  En Plein Air Exhibition: Opening Friday 12 July to 14 July.
JULY 19  Group Exhibition: Bob, Karen, Kat: Opening Friday 19 July to Sunday 28.
JULY 29  Deliver paintings - theme: “Abstract” to 25 August.
AUGUST 26  Collect “Abstract”, deliver paintings - theme: “Gardens” to 15 September.
SEPTEMBER 16  Collect “Gardens”, deliver paintings - Open theme: Spring Exhibition to 11 October/Collect.
OCTOBER 18  Youth Art Awards Opening to 27 October.
OCTOBER 28  Deliver paintings - theme: “Shadows” to 24 November.
NOVEMBER 25  Collect “Shadows”, deliver paintings - theme: “Wildlife” to 15 December
DECEMBER 16  Collect “Wildlife” deliver paintings - Open theme: Holiday Collection to January 2020.