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Exhibition Opening 18 August 2017

Upcoming Exhibition - 1 September 2017


Gallery & Exhibitions:

Until November there will be a joint effort with Arja, Helen, Sylvia & Ethel working together to help with exhibitions. Other members are staying to help with hanging today as well.

“Trees of Various Colours” will open on Friday 18 Aug and close on Mon 28 Aug - a short exhibition so that Karen Munster can get her exhibition ready for Fri 1 - Sun 3 September.

Karen Munster’s Exhibition of Works opens on Friday 1 Sep at 7pm. Please put it in your diary, come along and enjoy the occasion. Kindly RSVP by 25 Aug

Yurara Spring Exhibition (Open theme) Invitation cards are on the studio table. Leaflets will be left there also for members to take for handing out. Advertising will pursued through RedArts, Redlands Creative Alliance, Facebook, OzArt Finder and hopefully The Bulletin. Entry forms will be in our newsletter.


  • Entry forms in by Fri 8 Sep
  • Delivery of works Mon 11 Sep
  • Opening Fri 15 Sep Opening Speaker: Cr Paul Golle, Judge: Emma Bain (no relation!)
  • Closes & collect artwork Fri 29 Sep - Sun 1 Oct

Students of Annie Jamieson will hold their exhibition in mid-November

Apel family will hold their exhibition in early December

General Business:

The floor was handed over to Cliff to address the meeting about our proposed gallery extension.

Paperwork with a draft plan and concept was handed out to those present. We would have two galleries able to be used together or separately, another smaller studio, and a larger storeroom. Flooding does not affect this plan even though it is extending towards the creek

Cliff explained that our lease is due to expire in 2021 and we will be required to do a strategic plan and a survey to apply for renewal of the lease. The cost for this would be $5000. Because we are planning to extend our gallery, we have the opportunity to apply for that now and only have to have one survey done instead of two which will save us $5000. This cost includes some assistance through the Council who have been very encouraging to us regarding our plans for the extension.

We have to consider that this paperwork can take two years to process. A review of the use of the Pinklands Reserve is due to occur in 2018.

That the extension concept be approved. Moved: Cliff Eames 2nd: Ethel Bosher Carried.

Youth Art Awards: Gloria Dietz-Kiebron – More DHL brochures will be sent out to a few more High Schools this week. Art folios and brush sets have been purchased as encouragement awards for each category of the Awards. Scott Avery, a former head of the Visual Arts at Southbank TAFE will be the judge and members are welcome to come along on opening night October 13th to encourage the young artists (and help?!)

URGENT We need someone to take on the position of Treasurer.

“Connections” Exhibition at the end of the year at the Redland Gallery. Robin and Gloria met with RAG staff and the forms required for entry are now available on their website and have been sent out to members. Those without computer access can take forms from the Studio table. Extra loan form pages will be needed for those of you who have more than one painting to enter. Unfortunately we still have queries on the size despite all the discussion and decisions we have made on this previously. Gloria will consult the Gallery to sort this out. Those who need help with photos for their entry forms please contact Gloria. She will arrange a day at the studio to bring your paintings for photographing.

Gloria, Sophia and Danielle will meet together to plan activities for both the gallery and workshops for at least a six month period. If you have any ideas for exhibitions please tell them.

Plans are for a mini-market for members to be held on Saturday 25 November, advertised and flyers distributed inviting residents to buy up for Christmas. We envisage cards, small ceramic or pottery items, small paintings, jewellery, craft or textile art.

Notices will be going out for our Holiday Collection of paintings to be exhibited over the holiday period from December to end-January for sale and to fill the walls in the gallery.


Additional information go to Workshops

One day Gloria Clay workshop on Saturday 30 September

Plein Air Group

For details on the Outdoor Sketching & Painting Group go to Members News

Gallery Hire Fees

2015 NON MEMBERS $80 hire fee plus $40 per day (weekends and Fri) MEMBERS $20 a day. Please note there is a 10% commission on all sales taken.