Notice of 2017 Annual General Meeting - Monday, 27 November 2017 at 11.30am at Redland Yurara Art Society Gallery and Studio.

Nomination Form provided if you would like to nominate for a position yourself or nominate another member for a position on the Management Committee, and a Proxy form in case you are unable to be present but would like someone at the meeting to vote on your behalf.

Download Nomination Form


Gallery & Exhibitions:

Congratulations if you provided entry forms for the ‘Connections’ Exhibition on time. Delivery for artworks will be November 28th.

Yurara Youth Art Awards

The Artistic talent of Redland’s youth was showcased at the Yurara Youth Art Awards night. Opening Night Speaker Deputy Mayor Cr Wendy Boglary encouraged all the entrants which included local high school students and emerging artists under 21 yrs to continue with their artistic pursuits for their own personal development and expression and so that others could enjoy the delights of their works. Prizes for Drawing, Painting and Miscellaneous categories that included sculpture, digital artwork and photography were awarded thanks to sponsors Ausbuild, Redland City Council, Golden Cockerel Chicken and Red Arts. All entrants have the opportunity to participate in a free Mentoring program offered by Robin Wilson one of the Tutors at the Yurara Art Society.

Major prize winner: Tyler Pasop for “Caviar”

List of all winners go to Yurara Youth Awards

General Business:

Market Day Update

A Mini-Xmas Market is planned for Saturday November 25th, from 10.00am to 4.00pm. If you’d like to take part, please email Gloria at or call her on 3286 4086. Each member will be responsible for their own half table or one for cards, jewellery, cakes, pickles, small artworks, ceramics, watercolours, lino prints, or any other to be set up in the gallery. There will be no commission taken and sold items are for the benefit of members. A Devonshire tea will be available inside or out, depending on the weather. The event will be widely advertised and flyers will be distributed inviting residents to buy for Christmas!


Additional information go to Workshops

• Guest artist - February 24th and 25th, 2018

Plein Air Group

For details on the Outdoor Sketching & Painting Group go to Members News

Gallery Hire Fees

NON MEMBERS $100 hire fee plus $40 per day (weekends and Fri) MEMBERS $20 a day. Please note there is a 10% commission on all sales taken.