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General Business:

• Mary Jane Turk will be unable to continue as Treasurer after our next AGM which will probably be in November. Without a Treasurer the group can no longer function. Any member with basic book keeping skills is welcome to call Mary Jane for a chat about requirements on 3820 8000 or email on We hope that with upwards of 90 members there will be someone who can take over. One of our members present at the meeting will consider the possibility of helping us out.

• A friend of one of our members called in today during Portrait Group to donate a metal easel. Thank you. It will be very handy to display individual works during our exhibitions.

• Kathryn Christensen has offered to cater for lunch on our meeting days so that members can have something between Portrait Group and the meeting. As with our previous lunches catered by Val Chapman until she left for New Zealand, we will give Kathryn a couple of dollars to help with her expenses. Thank you Kathryn. We look forward to our next meeting.

Youth Art Awards:

• Cliff has been busy with the design of the poster and they will be posted to the High School Art Teachers this week. Various store owners are happy to put them in their windows. Brochures will be distributed to libraries, stores and coffee shops.

• Entry forms are on our website.

Members Classes:

Monday Portrait Group - Sylvia would like someone to take over the organisation of the group until her husband’s health improves. Please ring her for a chat on 3207 9590 or email on   if you can help. The morning is well attended and enjoyed by all, with new members always welcome and encouraged. We have sitters arranged for the next couple of weeks and we have plans to do self portraits.

Thursday Plein Air Group - Danielle for Nancy Read & Heather Bowskill  Well attended. Drawing, painting and morning tea much enjoyed.

Life Drawing Group - Robin Wilson  The group is continuing and members continue to gain more experience in drawing. We hope our numbers might pick up a little once the advertisement goes into the art shops.

Sunday Group Continues to be well attended by our Youth Awards artists and working members who cannot attend through the week.


• Sophia Papp has offered to undertake the responsibility of Co-ordinator and will be working closely with Gloria from November once her studies allow. She has made some suggestions for themes for next year’s rotating exhibitions.

• Until November, Sylvia and Ethel will be helping to accept entries, number paintings and record roster times as members come in, with Helen helping when she can.

• 2 exhibitions will be sandwiched in between our monthly rolling exhibitions:

- Students of Anne Jamieson 10-19 November

- Karen Munster 1 - 3 Sept

• The “Shades of Purple” exhibition will go from 21 July to 11 August with artwork to be collected over the weekend of 12-13 August.

• "Trees of Various Colours" will be mounted on Monday 14 August.

• Cliff and Gloria are co-ordinating a cleaning and painting weekend at the gallery on Sat & Sun 15 - 16 July. An e-mail was sent to members and several have kindly offered to help.


• Our information should be in the latest “Coffee News” and new information will be sent in for the next one.

• Gloria, Danielle and Jodi Van der Pligt have commenced preparing flyers for each rotating exhibition to be distributed on various noticeboards etc around the district as well as on our website, Facebook etc. Kathryn Christensen has offered to take the “Shades of Purple” flyer into The Art Shed. We will also put it up at Oxlades, Cafe Arabica, and the Victoria Point Community Noticeboard.


Additional information go to Workshops

Printing  Day - Cliff Eames & Members - 1 Day - Sunday 18 June - $15 Members, $25 Non-Members

Annie Jamieson - “Composition, Subject & Tone in Oils - Beginners - Intermediate” - 2 Days Sat & Sun 5 - 6 August  $130 Members,  $170 Non-Members

Plein Air Group

For details on the Outdoor Sketching & Painting Group go to Members News

Gallery Hire Fees

2015 NON MEMBERS $80 hire fee plus $40 per day (weekends and Fri) MEMBERS $20 a day. Please note there is a 10% commission on all sales taken.