Line & Wash Workshop – 23 - 24 June 2018


Benefits of Yurara Membership



Gallery & Exhibitions:

Yurara’s Autumn Exhibition closes Friday 18 May 

Reminder about the Figurative Exhibition… please make sure you have your paintings in by May 21st. More details can be found on the last page of the newsletter where our rotating exhibitions are listed.

“We Three” Exhibition Opening Night Friday 24 August 7pm then 25, 26 August, 1, 2 September. 

Redland Art Gallery will hold the ‘In Focus’ small works exhibition at Capalaba Gallery from December 1st 2018 to January 28th, 2019, with the theme ‘Self Portrait’. This will be advertised as a celebration of the Redland Art Gallery 15th birthday, and is a significant exhibition. There’s plenty of lead time for our portraitists to prepare for that one! All artists can submit
2 works with a guarantee that one will be included. For more information about this exciting opportunity, please contact Amy Wilson, Exhibitions and Public Programs Officer, on (07) 3829 8484 or email:

General Business:

• Gloria has sent a letter of support for Carolyn Hoernel, a member, and Secretary of RedArts, and one of our sponsors for the Youth Art Awards. She will apply for a grant for a workshop “On building Skills for grant applications” to be held on Macleay Island.

• Gloria has been invited to speak to a High School student assembly about the Youth Art Awards in the coming months.

• Our driveway is due for a fix-up, so Glenn, our Maintenance Officer, and Norman Bain, will be arranging to fill the pot-holes. Glenn has also moved the hook in the storeroom nearer to the door for hanging of the flags.

• Karen Munster and Jodi Van Der Pligt have prepared flyers for members to distribute for our Autumn exhibition and our Mini -Market in June. Flyers can be found in the Publicity Pouch on the notice board.

• Karen has also left details for those on roster on how “to hang the flags for exhibitions”. They are on the wall next to the flags in the storeroom.

• Our mini-market will be on Sunday June 3rd , from 10:00am to 3:00pm, Kathryn Christense is responsible for the MINI- MARKET – if members would like to participate, please contact her for details: 0412 638 768


Additional information go to Workshops

Line & Wash’ workshop by Robin Wilson on June 23rd-24th. Participants can try some different techniques with water and paint, pencils and pens, wax and masking fluid. Enrol for a day or the whole weekend! 

Plein Air Group

For details on the Outdoor Sketching & Painting Group go to Members News

Gallery Hire Fees

NON MEMBERS $100 hire fee plus $40 per day (weekends and Fri) MEMBERS $20 a day. Please note there is a 10% commission on all sales taken.

2018 Members List of Rotating Exhibitions - Plan your diary dates for 2018!

MAY: 21st Collect Autumn exhibition paintings, deliver paintings to be installed. Theme: “Figurative, People”. Exhibition from Fri 25th May – Fri 22nd June.
JUNE: 25th Collect “Figurative, People”, deliver paintings to be installed. Theme: “Nostalgia”. Exhibition from Fri 29th June – Fri 27th July.
JULY: 30th Collect “Nostalgia”, deliver paintings to be installed. Theme: “Still Life”. Exhibition from Fri 3rd August – Fri 31st August.
SEPTEMBER: 3rd Collect “Still Life”, deliver paintings to be installed (3) Theme: “Open” (Spring exhibition). Opening night, Fri September 7th. Exhibition from Fri 7th September – Thurs 4th October (collection of paintings also October 4th) 
OCTOBER: 6th Yurara Youth Awards, delivery of paintings from 9:30 – 1:00 pm. Installation 6th to 8th. Opening night, Fri October 12th  – 7.00 pm. 
NOVEMBER: October 29th Deliver paintings to be installed: Theme: “Seasons”. Exhibition, from Fri 2nd November – Fri 7th December.
DECEMBER: 10th Collect “Seasons”, deliver paintings to be installed. Theme: “Holiday Collection” (2). Exhibition from Fri 14th December –Thurs 31st January 2019.
Dates will change only if the gallery is needed for private exhibitions. Entry forms will be available before each exhibition – happy painting in 2018!