General Business:

• For Yurara’s “Connections” Exhibition at the Redland Art Gallery at the end of the year we will be requiring paintings/frames to be no less than 50cm (20 inches) and no greater than 92 cm (36 inches) in width. Vertical height is not restricted, within reason. If you wish to do a series of smaller works they will need to be grouped together in a large frame.

• Aspire Gallery’s One Foot x One Foot is coming up. Yurara members are encouraged to enter. Aspire is a commercial gallery in Paddington.

• The name tags we leave here on the boards on the far wall for use at our events will be updated. Every member should find their tag clipped onto the boards.


Youth Art Awards:

• Our Youth Art Awards are in their 4th year and Redland Councillors have shown their support to the value of $2000, presented to Gloria at the opening of our Autumn Exhibition. Gloria had applied for this as a Small Grant earlier this year but did not know it had been approved.

• Letters have been sent out to other sponsors and Gloria is awaiting replies.

• Sylvia received an email from someone who had seen our details on the OzArt Finder website and required information regarding our Redland Youth Art Awards.

Members Classes:

Monday Portrait Group - Sylvia Heterick  Well attended and enjoyed by all. New members always welcome and encouraged.

Thursday Plein Air Group - Danielle for Nancy Read & Heather Bowskill  Well attended. Drawing, painting and morning tea much enjoyed.

Life Drawing Group - Robin Wilson  Not so well attended at the moment, with some members unable to attend, but paying its way and contributing to Yurara’s income regularly. Members attending are enjoying the improvement in their drawing as time goes by.

Sunday Group Continues to be well attended by our Youth Awards artists and working members who cannot attend through the week.

Gallery - Convenor - Gloria Dietz-Kiebron, Convenor, for Helen Boydell, Co-ordinator

• Gloria has taken over the role of Co-ordinator while Helen is busy with caring for her father right now.

• An explanation of the size of paintings accepted for exhibitions was given. Unfortunately the art world has not completely adjusted to the metric world and when we buy canvases we have to consider where we are exhibiting. Some nonstandard canvases do not comply with size restrictions. Most exhibitions at most venues have size restrictions. They were brought in at Yurara because of our space restrictions. In future we will have a standard canvas size of 36 x 48 inches (approx 92 x 122 cm) as our maximum. Other organisations have recently had to adjust their sizes as well, for the same reason.

• The door roster is still not complete for the current exhibition. Please check the list in the gallery and put your name in an empty space if you have not helped out. Apart from extenuating circumstances it is a rule that you do this duty as part of your entry conditions. The exhibition closes on 11 June so don’t forget to mark the dates 11-12 June in your diary to pick up your paintings and deliver your next works for the “Flowers” exhibition.

• 2 exhibitions will be sandwiched in between our monthly rolling exhibitions:

- Students of Anne Jamieson 10-19 November

- Karen Munster 1 - 3 Sept

• We hope to hold the “Animals” exhibition (which has been postponed) later in the year, unless other members need the time for a personal exhibition. An updated list will be distributed soon.


The Autumn Exhibition opening night was a great success with a number of visitors in attendance. All enjoyed the refreshments and the artworks on display with music in the background provided by our Vice President Robin Wilson. We want to congratulate the members who entered into the Autumn exhibition as we have had good feedback on an excellent exhibition and opening night.

Winners of prizes and certificates are:

  First prize: Sarah Elliott “Orchids”

  Second prize: Robin Wilson “Canal Wharf”

  Third prize: Jasmine Hartman “Dragonfly”

  Highly Commended: Val Turner “My Rock Collection4, Tiger’s Eye”

  Henry Degen “Tree Sculpture”

  Gloria Dietz-Kiebron “The Redlands”

  Commended: Tarni McKosker “Wide Awake”

  Sophia Papp “Misty Owls”

  Cliff Eames “Four Horses”

A list of the coming exhibitions is on the notice board and they are listed on the new wall calendar in the kitchen. Each of us should be inspired by at least one of the varied themes.


Additional information go to Workshops

Printing  Day - Cliff Eames & Members - 1 Day - Sunday 18 June - $15 Members, $25 Non-Members

Annie Jamieson - “Composition, Subject & Tone in Oils - Beginners - Intermediate” - 2 Days Sat & Sun 5 - 6 August  $130 Members,  $170 Non-Members

Plein Air Group

For details on the Outdoor Sketching & Painting Group go to Members News

Gallery Hire Fees

2015 NON MEMBERS $80 hire fee plus $40 per day (weekends and Fri) MEMBERS $20 a day. Please note there is a 10% commission on all sales taken.